2002-2003 Miss FAASDNC



Cristilyn Tamayo was born on December 16, 1983 at Clark Air Force Base, Philippines. She graduated from James Madison High School in June 2002. Cristilyn is very proud of her successful education and her accomplishments. For example: honor roll every year, academic achievements, awards in various classes, honors for the Golden state exam in Writing Comprehension and Spanish, Published for four consecutive years in "Who's who in American High School! Students," graduated in the top ten percent of her class with academic distinction, honored the Clairemont Town Council Scholarship, found eligible for free tuition through the California Veteran Program etc.

Cristilyn participated in several activities: Performed for the Madison Show Choir, a member of the California Scholarship Federation, a student intern for her Madison High School Principal, and she currently working at the L.A. Fitness Sports Club working with children. Her hobbies include: singing, dancing, dancing hula, snowboarding, eating, shopping, and hanging out with friends.
Cristilyn’s family members consists of Tranquilino (father), Cristina (mother), Arnold (eldest brother), James (second eldest brother), Jeffrey (youngest brother) and Cristilyn the youngest and the only girl). She plans to attend the University of California, San Diego where she will study to become a Pediatrician because she loves working with children as well as helping others.

2002-2003 Jr. Miss FAASDNC



Kailani Velasco was born in San Diego, California on April 13, 1990. Kailani is the eldest daughter of Ray and Tess and has a brother, Gabriel, and a sister, Rhea. She is twelve years old, in 7th grade and attends school at Woodland Park Middle School. She has a 3.30 grade point average and is in a program called AVIDS that is for students who has excellent academic achievement and will help students get into college. She has been an ASB representative for the last 2 years and she is a member of her school’s Color Guard team where she performs in competitions and marches in parades.

Kailani is in a hip-hop dance group called High Voltage who performs at many events, functions, and associations. Kailani’s main focus is to continue to get good grade’s and be involved in school activities so that she can be accepted at a good accredited college. She is not quite sure what she want’s to be when she grow’s up, but after watching her favorite movie Pearl Harbor, she is thinking about becoming a nurse.

2002-2003 Little Miss FAASDNC



Mariah Ashley Cardinal was born in San Diego, California to parents Cresencio and Anita Cardinal, Jr. She has two brothers and one sister. She is 8 years old and is in the third grade. She attends Westwood Elementary in Rancho Bernardo, with an academic performance above grade level. Her scholastic achievements include the Honor Wall and Citizen of the Month.

Mariah is a gymnast and is currently at "Pre-Team" level of competitive gymnastics. She aspires to someday compete in the Olympics and to win a gold medal. She is also involved in her school chorus and is an orange belt in Kajukenbo martial arts. In her spare time Mariah enjoys doing arts and crafts, reading, and collecting Hello Kitty collectibles and coins.

Mariah volunteers with her family for Hop Worldwide, providing various services for underprivileged families in San Diego California. Her goals include graduating from college with a nursing degree and raising a big family.